Handi-Foil Introduces ECO-FOIL(TM) Made From 100% Recycled Aluminum!
Quality, Sustainability, Versatility, 100% Recyclable, and Meets FDA Requirements. Keep the World Green(TM).

Recycling just one aluminum can ... saves enough electricity to power a TV for 3 hours.
For every pound of aluminum recycled ... save mining of four pounds of bauxite.
A 100-watt bulb could light for over 16 hours ... with the energy saved making one Eco-Foil pan from 100% recycled aluminum.
Enough aluminum is thrown away every 3 months ... to rebuild our entire commercial air fleet.
If we recycled all the aluminum in circulation right now ... we'd never have to mine for more virgin metal.
About 9 gallons of gasoline can be saved ... by making just one Eco-Foil pan from 100% recycled aluminum.
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